If They'd Known He Was a Republican, They Wouldn't Have Honoured Him

Abraham Lincoln, that is:

A public university in President Abraham Lincoln’s home state of Illinois is adorned with a plaque that states Lincoln – arguably the most famous and influential president in American history – was a Democrat.

Lincoln was a Republican.

History is such a stinker sometimes…

2 Replies to “If They'd Known He Was a Republican, They Wouldn't Have Honoured Him”

  1. Don,

    Lincoln ran as a Republican for his first term. In his second term he was elected on the National Union ticket.

    I think you’ll agree that he would not be accepted by today’s Dixiecrat/Tea Party Republican Party.



    1. The reason why he ran on a “National Union” party is because Andrew Johnson was a War Democrat (and, I might add, from a part of TN which strong Union sympathies). Little Mac ran as a Democrat.

      You sure are obsessed with the Tea Party, you spend more time on the subject than I do.


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