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Achor and Friends: Hosanna to the Son of David

Dove 54 (1978)

Achor, the North London group which put together these albums, got some friends together and did yet another one.  The music is very much in the tradition of the previous albums: good, straightforward Christian folk with an emphasis on songs taken directly from the Scriptures.  And the benefits of that (esp. with Scripture memorisation) cannot be underestimated, especially since that practice of the “Jesus Music” era (it appeared on both Protestant and Catholic albums) has sadly gone out of fashion.

The singers:

  • Alice Charles
  • Mavis Ford
  • Sue Martin
  • Claire White
  • Irene Wilkie
  • Ann Woodroffe
  • David Bolton
  • Chris Head
  • Brook Trickett
  • John White
  • Alan Woodroffe

The musicians:

  • Mavis Ford: electric piano, string synthesiser
  • David Bolton: acoustic guitar
  • Mark Ford: drums
  • David Gillard: acoustic & electric guitar; pedal steel guitar
  • Chris Head: acoustic & bass guitar; percussion; electric piano; string synthesiser
  • Frank Jeffrey: electric piano; string synthesiser
  • Paul Mitchell: viola
  • Producer: Chris Head
  • Arrangements by Chris Head & Mavis Ford
  • Engineer: Brook Trickett
  • Recorded at Soundree Studios, Biggin Hill
  • Sleeve Design: Gerry Copas

My thanks to Rob for furnishing this music, and to all the Achor artists for their kind comments and support of my earlier postings.

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