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Barack Obama's Strange Visit to Chattanooga

Yes, he’s coming to the epicentre of the bitter people with their Bibles and guns after all:

President Obama plans a visit to Chattanooga next week.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said he will visit the Amazon fulfilment centre at the Enterprise South Industrial Park on Tuesday.

He said President Obama will give the first in a series of policy speeches on the theme of a better bargain for the middle class.

He stated, “Tuesday’s speech will focus on manufacturing and high wage jobs for durable economic growth, and the President will discuss proposals he has laid out to jumpstart private sector job growth and make America more competitive.

Although I like, would someone explain to me why the Occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue would go to a distribution centre and talk about manufacturing jobs when such a speech would be more à propos across the street at the Volkswagen plant?

And we wonder why our economy has stalled these last few years…


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