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Les Reflets: Villanelle/Pour emmanuel, and Et Ils Suivirent Jésus

Les Reflets was one of the premier Christian folk groups out there during the Jesus Music era, period, as they demonstrated in De l’abondance du coeur, la bouche parle.  Here are a couple of more albums (?).

Villanelle/Pour emmanuel (J 410 502)

Not really an album, but they “speed things up” by issuing a 45 rpm single release.  The songs:

  • Villanelle
  • Pour emmanuel

Et Ils Suivirent Jésus (Jef 7ye part 69400314) 196?

The songs:

  • L’homme de nazareth
  • Le temps etait court
  • Avis de recherche
  • Hermon 70

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