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The Old Prohibition Against Movies Makes a Comeback

Just about anyone raised in a Pentecostal or Holiness church in the last century will recall the prohibition of going to movies.  The traditional argument against this was that, if one went to the movies and paid the admission price one was supporting the sinful Hollywood people and companies who made them.

That argument just about went by the wayside, but conservative gay blogger Kevin Dujan has brought it back with a new twist:

I don’t like giving movie studios my money, though…because I feel like when I do that I help fund the people who inflict so much damage on this country by way of hammering the Left’s talking points into impressionable Americans.  Let’s face it, the way that Democrats maintain power is by way of the Ministry of Truth that is our “news media”, the Ministry of Entertainment that is “Hollywood”, and the Ministry of Persuasion that’s comprised of all federal agencies such as the IRS that are controlled by Democrats and abuse their authority or otherwise persecute and intimidate Americans. I know that movie theaters actually don’t make any money off the ticket sales to first-run films…and instead depend on concession sales to stay in business; all ticket sales go to the movie distributors, so buying a movie ticket sends that cash to Hollywood and then gets redistributed back to the Democrat party and its Leftist masters.  I enjoy limiting the amount of cash I contribute to that revenue stream.

One friend of mine from Texas, who later went on to become a Church of God minister and state overseer, found a way to beat the system.  Raised in a rough environment, his mother was saved when he was a teenager.  She told him the usual Holiness reason why people shouldn’t go to movies.  His response? He had fixed the cash flow problem by his deft ability to sneak in without paying!


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