IRS Investigations Politically Motivated? Better Than I Expected!

One of the strangest responses I ever got to an “ordinary” question took place in Target one night, where my wife and I ran into the daughter of a friend who is an official in our church.  She was with her new husband; like us she had taken a long time to marry.  So we asked her the obvious dumb question “How is married life?”

Her response: “Better than I expected.”  That left us speechless.

These days the discover that the Internal Revenue Service had conducted politically motivated investigations and audits has left a few others speechless:

On Friday a second-tier IRS official told a gathering of tax lawyers the IRS had engaged in discriminatory audits against conservative groups. The initial story from the AP wire reported that the IRS admitted its mistake, but the mistake was an innocent one…

As a few have pointed out, this is no different from what got Richard Nixon impeached.  All of this is true, but did you guys really think that we were electing a bunch of Boy Scouts to the White House in 2008? (Their soon to be jettisoned policy over gay scouts should have given you a clue…)

I did not, as I opined right after Obama’s big victory speech in Chicago after that fateful vote:

Finally, as I have said before, Barack Obama’s first task is to consolidate his power and that of his party, through such moves as:

  • Reinstitution of the “Fairness Doctrine”
  • Packing the judiciary with élite judges who look at the world through his idea
  • Hate crimes legislation, designed to silence opponents
  • Changes in voter registration requirements (although the expansion of the electorate wasn’t as big of a factor in Obama’s victory as many anticipated)
  • Show trials and congressional hearings of political opponents (Bush, Cheney, etc.)
  • Gerrymandering of House districts in the 2010 reapportionment
  • Patronage through social entitlements

Some of this list was (especially the gerrymandering, as Obama’s mandate hasn’t filtered down to the states the way it looked like it would) above Obama’s pay grade, to use his famous phrase.  But, knowing Obama’s intellectual pedigree, it made sense to me that the quickest way to consolidate his rule and make sure Republicans didn’t happen in the White House any more was to use the arsenal of laws at his disposal to diminish his opposition.  Instead he wasted his political capital on Obamacare.

Nevertheless he did engage in some administrative heavy-handedness.  We should not be surprised.  Whether the circled wagons of our élite media will protect him on this one–or whether they will abandon him–remains to be seen.  The only reason the latter would take place is because he had the bad taste to target Jewish groups, and that’s never a good idea.

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