Americans Aren't Capable of the Debate on Same-Sex Civil Marriage the French Are Having

The Witherspoon Institute is hopeful:

The international press was shocked on November 17, 2012, when hundreds of thousands of French citizens took to the streets to fight against a parliamentary bill redefining marriage to include same-sex relationships and legalizing same-sex adoption. Less than a decade ago, France symbolized all that American conservatives despised and all that American liberals praised. Now we should learn from them.

Should, in this case yes.  Will, unlikely.

Our problem is simple but deep-rooted: we are products of a system which is obsessed with enforcing socialisation at the expense of just about everything else.  We do everything to make this happen: drugs, turning a blind eye to bullying, trashing outliers in our group (American members of the LGBT community would never get away with doing what their French counterparts are) and the other things that make being different difficult in this country.  That’s why issues go the way they do: a food fight followed by the collapse of one side.  One major outlier in that respect is abortion; the one thing our elites and their LGBT vanguard worry about is that a fiat decision for same-sex civil marriage by SCOTUS will produce a rerun of the pro-life movement.

Stuff like this makes American political debate (if you can call it that) more and more tiresome and insane than just about anything else.

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