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Scientific Pope, Unscientific President

Amidst all the adulation surrounding the elevation of Jorge Bergoglio to become Pope Francis I, there is one thing that many overlook: that he started out his academic career as a chemist.

New Atheists would have us believe that scientific education will make us like them.  But this is only true when we make science a religion, in which case it won’t be science.

More immediate is this: we have an Occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue who has been hailed as the “scientific President”.  But this cannot be so; he is just another Harvard lawyer.  If the See of Rome and the old realm of the Son of Heaven (i.e., China) can prefer scientifically trained people to lead them, what are we waiting for?

I’m not holding my breath.  Our elites are either complete hypocrites or basically insane.


3 Replies to “Scientific Pope, Unscientific President”

    1. It was written right after his elevation, given subsequent events (in the Pope’s case) it looks like the scientific education didn’t take very well…


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