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Sister Germaine: Songs of Salvation

FEL 810F-6242 (1966)

One of the early “sensations” of the post-Vatican II Catholic music world was the young nun Sister Germaine Habjan, who produced this album of songs and narrative (Episcopal ministers Ian Mitchell and Frederick Gere also included narrative) based on Scripture and other sources.  By later standards it’s a plain album, but it’s well performed.

Sister Germaine’s later history is, in some ways, more interesting than the album.  She and her fellow religious, moving rapidly in a changing church, were too progressive for their bishop.  She eventually left her order and married.  Her daughter’s account of how the posting of the album proved very useful is one of the most heartwarming things to ever appear on this blog.

The songs:

  1. All Of My Life
  2. Osee
  3. You Are My People
  4. The Father Had But One Son
  5. From Among The Branches
  6. Song Of Trust
  7. Jerusalem, How Often Would I Gather You
  8. Love One Another
  9. Resurrection
  10. The Wind Is Blowin’
  11. Who Is This Man?
  12. Come, Lord Jesus
  13. Fear Not
  14. My Lord Is Long A-Comin’
  15. I’ll Never Contented Be
  16. Sing Out

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