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Wendy Vickers: Sow a Seed

Epoch VII WV01 (1974)

Most people associate post-Vatican II Catholic music with the folk Mass type music that’s featured regularly on this blog.  But there were some exceptions, and this album–and artist–was one of them.  This is a very good, straightforward folk album, more like (as Ken Scott points out in Archivist) Maranatha artists Karen Lafferty (of “Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God” fame) and Becky Ugartechea.  Her rendering of “Were You There” is especially memorable.  There is also some liturgical music here.

It was nominated for a Grammy when it came out, but its later history is another story.  Epoch was acquired by North American Liturgy Resources, who featured the title track on their Family Album. They in turn ended up in OCP.  But the last, more enamoured with the likes of Marty Haugen and David Haas, allowed their strong female vocalists like Vickers, Juliana Garza and Angle Tucciarone to lapse in the line-up, which should tell you a lot about the state of Catholic music.

Update (October 2016): Wendy Vickers’ music is available here on CD Baby.  Also, as she notes in her comment, OCP is planning to re-release the album for download, so perhaps things are moving there too.

In the meanwhile, the songs:

  1. Get on Board
  2. Were You There
  3. Glory to God
  4. Let Me do it with Love
  5. Sow a Seed
  6. High Time
  7. The Lord Gave Me a Song
  8. Holy, Holy
  9. Keep the Faith on Movin’
  10. Come to My Table
  11. Go in Peace

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8 Replies to “Wendy Vickers: Sow a Seed”

    1. I get this request pretty regularly for a variety of the music on this site. Because of that, I have revised the terms and conditions of the site to describe the process before an album is posted. Please take a look at it and, if Wendy’s music is back in distribution let me know. Thanks.


    1. Thank you for your interest in “Sow A Seed”. I have not taken it down from CD Baby. There is another former person with the same name, the late Wendy Vickers out of Nashville, who was a radio personality there and had released a ‘talk cd’ of her ruminations on being a fan. She was not a musician. She passed away 6 years ago and perhaps that is what was taken down. My Sow A Seed is still available there and selling by special arrangement with OCP, even though they have the downloadable version on their site.


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