Millions of Dead Fish, Part II

Well, we may not be quite up to 106, but

A federal mandate to remove old, abandoned oil and gas rigs in the Gulf of Mexico is blowing up a lot more than just the rigs.

Undercover video obtained by Local 15 shows thousands of pounds of dead fish, mostly red snapper, floating to the surface after one of the controversial demolitions in the Gulf.

“Good Lord,” marine scientist Dr. Bob Shipp said, when Local 15 showed him the video. “As a scientist, I think it’s abominable.”

Back in 2010 my piece on the Deepwater Horizon disaster–not so far west from this fiasco–was entitled Millions of Dead Fish for this reason:

I’ve documented on this blog and related ones some of the “interesting” business trips I have taken, especially outside the US.  One of those took place in 1980, when my brother and I, fresh from an offshore technology exhibit at Earl’s Court, took a plane to Hamburg to meet with a prospective German representative for our company…our prospective rep and we discussed a topic of mutual interest: a hydraulic pile driving hammer suitable for driving underwater piles for offshore oil platforms.  We saw it as competition to our steam hammers.  But our host was confident that this new technology wouldn’t be a problem.  He observed that, should there be a hydraulic hose breakage, the oil would spew out, and there would be “millions of dead fish.”

We in the oil industry have always been considered beyond the pale by the environmental movement.  Now we have the sorry spectacle of fish kills in the name of environmentalism–because the appearance of the platforms offends the sensibilities of the environmentalists.  This is so even though every platform, active or abandoned, is an artificial reef and a breeding/feeding ground for marine life like the red snapper who are suffering genocide with the platform removal.

Too much of the environmental movement is about offending the sensibilities of the environmentalists and not about promoting real progress for life on the earth.  And that especially includes human life.

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