Congo Pulls the Plug on Chuck Murphy and the "AMiA"

Getting out of bed and checking the email must be getting painful for Chuck Murphy these days:

The archbishop of the Anglican Church of Congo, the Most Rev. Henri K. Isingoma has sent a formal letter to Canon Kenneth Kearon, General Secretary of the Anglican Communion, saying that the Congo will not grant any canonical license to any clergy from [the] AMiA nor will it ordain any priest or consecrate any bishop from AMiA.

“The Province of the Anglican Church of Congo is a full member of the Anglican Communion; thus the individual actions from Bishop Bahemuka Mugenyi William (Diocese of Boga) in this regard with AMiA are illegal and he will solely account for them.”

As I’ve said before, the Africans like “team players“, and evidently Bishop Isingoma has a few on his end that need to be reminded of that.

And, of course, so do we…the best (if not perfect) solution to this would be for Murphy’s organisation to merge into ACNA, with all of its faults and problems.

Note re Anglican Communion: organisations/provinces on both sides of the Atlantic make a big deal about being in the AC, even to the point of betraying the point of the Anglican Revolt by cozying up with the Episcopalians.  I don’t know whether the new Archbishop of Canterbury will bring clarity to this issue (finding clarity in Anglicanism is no mean feat at best) but everyone needs to remember one simple fact: like the Russians discovered with “Rome”, “Canterbury” is portable.  With the current location being overrun by secularists (along with the same Muslims who did in the “second Rome” Constantinople) a move is probably in order.

And that would at least cut out some of the “footsies” we’re seeing in places like Northern Virginia.

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