The Democrats' Contradictory Wish List

And they certainly have one:

“He’s got to continue to concentrate on jobs,” Rep. Bill Pascrell said last week as the House was leaving town for a long, pre-election recess.

“I’m hoping he’ll do immigration reform,” said Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas).

“We should get back to an energy policy – one that acknowledges that climate change is real,” said Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vt.).

“The critical issues will be revenue generation … and … a concerted push on immigration reform,” said Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.).

“I think he’d want his administration to start on healthcare,” said Rep. Mike Honda (D-Calif.).

The really laughable part of this is the juxtaposition on jobs and the economy with environmental legislation.  Reducing emissions of all kinds is impossible without contracting the economy and lowering living standards, and that’s what’s been going on the last four years.

The same problem exists with the debt issue and revenue generation.  Repayment of the debt we have without serious inflation is only possible with a stronger economy, which again goes against the environmental considerations.  If we inflate our way out of this debt, however, our credit–to say nothing of our currency–won’t be worth much.

Raising taxes to solve this problem will only put the economy in a downward spiral, which will again make the environmentalists happy but will make debt repayment even more problematic.

The blunt truth is, however, that if Obama is re-elected he doesn’t need Congress to do much of anything.  Taxes go up automatically at the end of the year, health care marches on (why any Democrat is stupid enough to revisit that monstrosity is beyond me) and he can always use his extra-legal legerdemain on an executive basis to deal with his enemies.

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