Preserving God's Reputation With the Heathen

This, from Peter Freuchen’s Book of the Seven Seas:

Hans Egede, that holy man who became the apostle of Greenland after some very immoral earlier adventures, tells how his prayers stilled a storm which took him to the faraway island in 1721.  The wind was so fierce and the waves so strong that the crew gave themselves up for lost until Hans addressed the Lord with what strikes us as a surprisingly worldly argument.

The expedition was going to Greenland, Hans informed God, in His service to convert the Eskimos, and it would give Christianity a bad name if people could say that Heaven did not protect its own servants.  Hans argued that he did not so much want to save his own life as to preserve God’s reputation with the heathen.  This common-sense appeal, he said, was very effective, because the gale calmed at once, and the ship went on safely to Greenland.

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