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The Alethians and the Right Angle with David Pope: One Way

(Myrrh MST 6506) 1972 UK

One curiosity of Christian records in the “Jesus Music” era are albums where one side is recorded by a different group than the other. A helpful way for two groups to share the cost, it had the added bonus of not requiring one group to come up with more that 20-25 minutes of music. Given the quality of some of the groups, that was a big plus for everyone.

Although both groups get lead vocals from David Pope, that’s where the similarity ends. The Alethians are a straight-up, Fisherfolk type group whose acoustic guitars and very light percussion will gladden the heart of any 1970’s Christian folk fan. The Right Angle, however, did something that few other Christian groups tried: a “lounge lizard,” jazzy style that would be happier in a bar than in a church. Their “rat pack” rendition of “Pass It On” is an absolute classic, and reason enough alone to have the album.

The songs:

  • The Alethians:
    1. Come And Go With Me
    2. The Reason Why
    3. You Can ‘Tell The World
    4. Reflections
    5. Darkness
    6. One Way
  • The Right Angle:
    1. I Cannot Understand
    2. The Way Was Dark
    3. Pass It On
    4. Questions
    5. I Heard About
    6. A Quiet Place


4 Replies to “The Alethians and the Right Angle with David Pope: One Way”

  1. I was a member of the Alethians & I am looking for any images or videos (or recordings that are not on either of our two albums!) that are out there as we have disappointingly few currently.
    I am about to start a Facebook Page so that memories etc., can be swapped. I will advise when this is up and running.

    Please let me know if you have any and I can soon set up an upload area for any suitable material.

    Ian Henley

    Personnel in the image above – clockwise from the left are: Phil Hampton (Bass): Maurice ‘Moss’ Perkins (Guitar & Banjo); Dianne ‘Dit’ McCallum – nee Timmins – (Vocals); Chris ‘Chloe’ Harrison – nee Witton (Vocals); Ian Henley (Guitar & Vocals); Dave Pope (Guitar & Vocals)


    1. Thanks for the info, I’ll be glad to link to the fb page when it’s up. What you see on this page is what I’ve got. God bless and thanks.


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