Cassock and Surplice Anglicanism's Finest Hour…

…or at least one of them: the burial of Manfred von Richthofen, the “Red Baron”, on 22 April 1918, at Bertangles, France.

He was buried by the Australians, as is clear from the uniforms.  I don’t know whether the chaplain, doubtless holding the 1662 BCP, was English or Australian, but the Anglican Church in Australia was not autocephalous until many years later.

I doubt wearers of the alb in the AC will match this any time soon…

2 Replies to “Cassock and Surplice Anglicanism's Finest Hour…”

  1. That was then, this is now. The Church of England in the UK, Canada and Australia was undeniably Protestant. You cannot make that claim any more and don’t even get me started on those who style themselves, these days, as “Anglicans” and true supporters of the Articles of Religion and the 1662 BCP in ACNA and other such organizations. Those few of us who actually still use only the 1662 BCP and hold fast to that faith, portrayed in the above photograph, must go it alone, There are no bishops who hold-fast to such a faith, these are difficult times. One must face it alone with God


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