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Phoenix Sonshine: Shinin’ In The Light

(Destiny D-4404-S) 1971

“Jesus Music” was, by definition, evangelistic. It also tended to be folksy; there were many in the movement who had strong reservations about the use of straight-up rock ‘n roll for Christian music. (There were others who didn’t, but I digress.)

Phoenix Sonshine epitomised that sound and that message with this evangelistic, folksy album. It gets a little into folk-rock, a livelier sound than, say, The Way. It’s not as well polished as this production.  But the best thing to do with this music is to get saved.

More information on this album (and its performers) can be found on Waxidermy.

The songs:

  1. That’s A Start
  2. New Love
  3. Faith
  4. Shinin’ In The Light
  5. Sing A Song Of Jesus
  6. He Died
  7. Love Of Jesus
  8. Lazarus
  9. Broken Wing


One Reply to “Phoenix Sonshine: Shinin’ In The Light”

  1. LOVE the song BROKEN WING by Phoenix Sonshine ! First saw them as a teenager at Breakaway Concerts at Point Loma Nazarine College in San Diego back in mid-1970’s. Were held in their outdoor Greek Amplitheatre, under the stars, for a week each summer, sponsered by Campus Crusade. Saw tons of teenagers get saved, while hearing lots of new Christian bands/artists like Larry Norman, Randy Stonehill, Limpid & Rayburn, etc. Great stuff !


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