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What a Motorcycle Gang Knows that Katharine Jefferts-Schori Does Not

The Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church depicts Our Lord and Saviour in a rather topsy-turvy way:

In her book The Heartbeat of God, Jefferts Schori also taunts Jesus many times, calling him both a Hell’s Angel gang leader (115) as well as a “party animal” (4).

This kind of depiction of Jesus Christ and other good people in the Scriptures is in line with a half century of liberal attempts to make Jesus “counter-cultural.”  But others in a better position to know what a gang is all about have another opinion:

One pastor performed a funeral for a motorcycle gang member whose gang called itself “Hell is Our Home.” They left no doubt where they intended to meet for that last bike ride.

Eternity, however, is something else the Presiding Bishop is hazy on.  For now…in the meanwhile, her reference to Jesus as a “party animal” probably refers to this:

When the Teachers of the Law belonging to the party of the Pharisees saw that he was eating in the company of such people, they said to his disciples: “He is eating in the company of tax-gatherers and outcasts!” (Mark 2:16.)

Rather than religious leaders…let me see, has she checked the mirror lately?  Especially when she puts on that silly looking mitre?  Isn’t she a “religious leader?”

Like John Shelby Spong, if one realises that “religious life” (and I’m not using the Catholic meaning of that) is a hypocritical affair, not backed up by a real Saviour or reliable Scriptures, one should start by finding another line of work.  Sadly for the Episcopal Church, too many people of this persuasion have not.


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