Reality on "Shovel Ready" Finally Sinks In For Our President

It took long enough:

“Shovel-ready was not as shovel-ready as we expected,” Obama said.

In both the jobs council meeting and in his speech later to employees at a Durham lighting company, Obama said regulatory change is a major part of his new jobs push.

“How do we deal with making sure our regulations make sense, so that we start eliminating ones that don’t work, aren’t making consumers better off or aren’t improving our quality of life?” Obama told the employees.

Those of us who have a little experience in a) the productive sector and b) the transportation industry could have and did try to explain this in the beginning.  The real eye opener in this latest admission concerns regulatory reform.  Anyone who has tried to make a major project a reality knows that our regulatory structure–especially our environmental ones–are designed to thwart the completion of such projects.

“Designed” is the reality, because the “flower children” and their intellectual heirs–and Obama is certainly one of those–believed that such things were evil for people and the planet.  And they have been remarkably successful in implementing their agenda in American life.  Our present reality of a crumbling infrastructure is in large part a testament to that.

If Barack Obama really turns things around on this, it would be the political and intellectual volte-face of the century.  But given his antecedents–and more significantly the people in his administration–I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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