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Month of Sundays: Finding

A voice called, “Call out!” I asked, “What should I call out?” “Call out: All people are like grass, and all their beauty is like a flower in the field. Grass dries up, and flowers wither when the LORD’S breath blows on them. Yes, people are like grass. Grass dries up, and flowers wither, but the word of our God will last forever.” (Isaiah 40:6-8)

It was a big job that the Emir was proposing to Khalil, member of a radical Muslim group. In the midst of battle training, the Emir had an intriguing assignment for Khalil: write a book that refuted the Bible and showed that the Qur’an was Allah’s word.

But things didn’t go according to plan. The more Khalil looked into the Bible that was given him, the more he realized that the problems were with the Qur’an, and that the Bible was true. Needless to say, the Emir was infuriated with this result.

In the middle of all this, Khalil had his briefcase stolen in a coffee shop. In it along with his identification papers was his Bible; he knew he would be in big trouble for being found with a Bible in a Muslim country.

Khalil was very troubled, but then Jesus appeared to him in a dream. Jesus commanded Khalil to read “the Book,” but Khalil replied that it had been stolen. Jesus answered, “The Book cannot be lost. Stand up and open your closet.” Sure enough, that’s where Khalil’s Bible appeared, and he came to a saving knowledge of the Savior.

The Book cannot be lost. Men have tried to destroy it, to explain it away, and belittle it since the start, but they cannot. God protects his Word and, as he said to Isaiah, “the word of our God will last forever.” Even the Qur’an acknowledges the truth of the Scriptures that came before it.

Our assignment as Christians is, therefore, to read the Word, to believe it, and to live it. Because, as Khalil discovered, the Book cannot be lost, and if we follow it we can be found.


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