A Peacenik Doesn't Quite Connect the Dots on the Repeal of DADT

That peacenik, Colman McCarthy of the Washington Post, laments the thought that ROTC will return to the Ivy League:

Now that asking and telling has ceased to be problematic in military circles, ROTC has resurfaced as a national issue: Will universities such as Harvard, Yale and other Ivy League schools be opened to Reserve Officers’ Training Corps since colleges can no longer can argue that the military is biased against gays and therefore not welcome?…

These days, the academic senates of the Ivies and other schools are no doubt pondering the return of military recruiters to their campuses. Meanwhile, the Pentagon, which oversees ROTC programs on more than 300 campuses, has to be asking if it wants to expand to the elite campuses, where old antipathies are remembered on both sides.

It should not be forgotten that schools have legitimate and moral reasons for keeping the military at bay, regardless of the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” They can stand with those who for reasons of conscience reject military solutions to conflicts.

Personally, I’m not sure why the Ivy League schools would want to reinstate ROTC.  Why raise up your graduates to get blown up in remote places when they can stay home and rule the roost from a civilian government office?

The thing that McCarthy misses in opposing ROTC is this: for a committed peace activist, what does it say about a group such as the LGBT community which made free entry into the military a top priority?  Doesn’t he remember the time when “good” people didn’t join the military?  Doesn’t he still believe that “good” people don’t join?  For someone who lived through the Vietnam War and watched soldiers come home to be spat on as “baby killers,” this has always been the surreal part of the campaign to repeal DADT.

P.S. My own church has a good number of peace activists in it.  Are they ever going to help answer questions like this?

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