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Cloud: The Resting Place

The Resting Place (Dove 62, 1978)

Cloud was the large (>10) British folk group whose main claim to fame was its ethereal praise and worship music.  The Resting Place continues in that tradition, up to Cloud’s excellent tradition of musicianship and composition as well.  Cloud was connected with the famous Anglican church Holy Trinity Brompton in London, better known for Nicky Gumbel and his Alpha course.

This album continues in a similar vein as their earlier works; however, like Achor’s later productions, Cloud shows signs of drifting off from what made them unique and beautiful to start with to a more middle of the road/pop sound. Nevertheless The Resting Place is an nice addition to their discography.

About this post

I originally became aware of this album via this comment on my Music Pages page.  The album was up on the ýlowek scavel-cronek blog until it ran into trouble earlier this year, and the YouTube “video” comes from their digitisation.  It’s one of their earlier efforts and isn’t the best quality, but I am grateful to them for it.

The performers:

  • Guitars–Weena James (12 and 6 string,) Sarah Dulley (6 string,) Philip Lawson (12 string,) John Spuring (bass)
  • Flute–Toby Littlewood
  • Clarinet and Recorder–Kristin McLaughlin
  • Violins–Fiona Morgan-Williams, Christine Alford
  • Piano and Electric Piano–Cara Ruttle
  • Drums–Peter Thompson
  • Vocals–Christine Alford, Alan Bell, Sarah Dulley, Julia Grant, Weena James, Moyne Lawson-Johnston, Philip Lawson-Johnston, Toby Littlewood, Kristin McLaughlin, Fiona Morgan-Williams, Chris Pemberton, Cara Ruttle, Richard Scott, Penny Somerville, James To

The individual songs:

  • A1 The Resting Place
  • A2 As The Sun Is High
  • A3 That’s All I Need To Know
  • A4 Jesus Alive!
  • A5 All I Know Is Jesus
  • A6 You Have Not Because You Don’t Ask
  • A7 Psalm 63
  • B1 His Love Has Found A Home In Me
  • B2 To Rest In His Love
  • B3 Perfect Love
  • B4 In The Shelter Of His Wings
  • B5 Praise Alleluia!
  • B6 We Love You Lord

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7 Replies to “Cloud: The Resting Place”

  1. Hi.

    Good morning to you. Thank you for your website.

    Occasionally I search for “CLOUD”, and it was pretty tantalising to find ‘Resting Place’ and ‘Free to Fly’.

    I’m kind of wary of downloads, as your site offers – there are rarely any guarantees. Would these happen to be available anywhere that you know of on CD??

    Am I correct in remembering they also did an album called ‘Watered Garden’? Have you heard of that one? Might it also be available on CD??

    What do you have to suggest? I would want to import the CDs to Bermuda, but could easily do that via friends and family in the UK..

    Greetings from Bermuda! Hurricane KATIA caused us all to hold our breath for a little while! Now Tropical Storm MARIA is spinning up The Islands way to our south – and possibly curving nicely over Bermuda in the middle of next week!

    Same every year – nice looooooooong summers, indeed – but the constant wariness… I personally have lived through two Category III storms, and numerous ‘close passes’. In a ‘close pass’, there’s little difference in weather effects than a ‘good blow’ out of the North East in deepest, darkest March ( yes! we have a serious winter! – no snow or ice, but plenty of windy days! ) but the magic word ‘Tropical’ gets everyone going! We build our homes out of 8″ concrete blocks, with 1″ thick roof slates, so there’s always a good resistance! My own house is actually built out of 12″ and 10″ blocks, at the foot of a steep hill, so we’ve no worries. Very strong. Shutter up the windows, and drink tea for 18 hours!

    It would be nice to hear back from you.


    In Bermuda.


  2. If they’re available on CD, I am unaware of it. In fact, if they were on CD, I wouldn’t post it, and neither would my colleagues at the Ancient Star-Song and Heavenly Grooves (links on the sidebar.)

    I don’t think that anything on the Dove UK label has ever been re-released, I think the label is defunct.

    As a South Floridian, I know all too well about going through hurricanes.


    1. I’ve never seen it in either format. And, of course, there aren’t as many “Jesus Music” era albums out there as there were before. Sorry, I’ll keep my eyes skinned.


      1. You can still find it and buy it in vinyl. Just make Googlesearch (I dont remember the site’name)


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