A Wiccan Proclamation of Anglican Success, as the Winter Solstice and Lunar Eclipse Coincide

Needless to say, the Wiccans are paying attention to the fact that this year is the first since 1554 that we have had a winter solstice and lunar eclipse at the same time:

“It’s a ritual of transformation from darkness into light,” says Nicole Cooper, a high priestess at Toronto’s Wiccan Church of Canada. “It’s the idea that when things seem really bleak, (it) is often our biggest opportunity for personal transformation.

“The idea that the sun and the moon are almost at their darkest at this point in time really only further goes to hammer that home.”

Cooper said Wiccans also see great significance in the unique coupling of the masculine energy of the sun and the feminine energy of the moon — transformative energies that she plans to incorporate into the church’s winter-solstice rituals.

My first thought was: she must be talking about the 2010 US election…

Later, the article does note one interesting thing about the year this happened last:

The last time the two celestial events happened at the same time was in AD 1554, according to NASA.

An otherwise seemingly unexceptionable year in recorded history, the darkened moon happened during a bleak year for Tudor England.

Lady Jane Grey was beheaded for treason that year, while Princess Elizabeth was imprisoned in the Tower of London. Mary of Guise — the mother of Mary, Queen of Scots — became regent of Scotland.

Things did really seem bleak for the Princess Elizabeth, and things didn’t get much better in the short term either.  Thomas Cranmer was executed fifteen months later.  But then things took a turn upward: she became queen four years later, Matthew Parker became Archbishop of Canterbury the year after that, the “Elizabethan Settlement” set Anglicanism on its way with a female “Lady and Governor” at its head.

And the pagans thought they had a corner on a “unique coupling of masculine…and…feminine energy”.

Now if the Anglican Communion could only see this happen again…

2 Replies to “A Wiccan Proclamation of Anglican Success, as the Winter Solstice and Lunar Eclipse Coincide”

  1. I had to check it, but I think one could argue that things only got worse from 1554 for Mary Queen of Scots – crowned Queen at age one in 1553, and we know what happened after that!


  2. And I think that Elizabeth is the one who ordered her execution.

    Mary Queen of Scots was born in 1542, became queen the following year. So she was twelve at the time of the 1554 confluence.

    But her son, Scotland’s James VI, became Elizabeth’s successor as James I of England.


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