TSA Strip Searches: The Old "B&O" Is Looking Better Than Ever

The recent fracas over the strip searches (that’s what they amount to, no matter how they’re done) the TSA has instituted for the flying public in the U.S. reminded me of something I posted a long time ago.

My family business celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1952 with a celebration in Chicago.  One of my grandfather’s friends coming from Washington responded to the invitation as follows:

We leave Washington on the Capital Limited at 5 o’clock Wednesday afternoon…and on our arrival in Chicago the next morning, we will take a taxi…Bob is talking about flying back, but the air service is too uncertain at this time of year…I think I’ll stick to the old B&O.

His concern at the time was the weather, but now we have other concerns.   Although the Madrid bombing took off some of the lustre of train travel for security purposes, these days the “old B&O” is looking better than ever.

Below: the tracks of the old B&O as they passed the College Park airport in Maryland in the early 1930’s.  The airport itself was nearly closed after 9/11 because of its proximity to the capital, even though those who ran the plane into the Pentagon flew out of Dulles.  It is now primarily a museum, but still remains the oldest continuing operating airport in the world.

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