It's "Mea Culpa" Time on the BBC for the Environmental Movement

As the Telegraph reports, it’s a surprise it got on the Beeb at all, but there it is:

This was no such programme. Instead, it was a platform for every sinner that repenteth. Former hippy Greens, directors of Greenpeace, the chairmen of the Copenhagen Climate Council and the like, queued up to admit error. Their reasons for doing so were interesting. None of them repudiated all their previous ideas. All continue to believe that there are serious environmental threats to the welfare of life on earth and most seem to be devoting their lives to addressing them. But, as one put it, environmentalists over the past 40 years have “failed to achieve Job One, which was to protect the planet”.

I’ve documented the mea culpa of Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore re nuclear power (and the pushback from his fellow environmentalists).  At the root of the problem is the fact that the environmental movement has its roots in the Luddite counter-attack against technological civilisation of the 1960’s, and this mentality continues to dominate the movement today, it’s recent attempts to be “scientific” notwithstanding.  Until that changes the “endless panic” mentality will continue with the endless unsatisfactory results to go with them.  (And, to be complete, their understanding of economics is nearly as absent as their understanding of science).

But I’d like to throw out another, unrelated challenge: since leaders of the environmental movement are doing their mea culpa and admitting their MO didn’t work, when are we going to see a similar parade of leaders of the Religious Right about why their programme didn’t take America back for God?

One Reply to “It's "Mea Culpa" Time on the BBC for the Environmental Movement”

  1. Just a thought on the “Luddite counter-attack”: Liberal attitudes have been elitist, Eurocentric, and Malthusian for decades. I think the Luddite part is just a fraction of what’s going on. This collection of attitudes has dominated academia for a long time…and politics, media, etc. That’s a lot to overcome for anyone, and don’t forget that religion in the West has been gradually marginalized since the Enlightenment. It’s tricky to retain the benefits of the Enlightenment, and not succumb to the bad bits.


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