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The LGBT Community Shifts toward the GOP

Hard to believe, but…

More self-identified gay voters chose the GOP in the midterm elections than in previously recorded totals, according to a CNN exit poll.

Thirty-one percent of self-identified gay voters cast their ballots for Republicans on Tuesday, 4 percentage points more than in 2008, according to a similar CNN exit poll…

“The gay left would have you believe that gay conservatives don’t exist,” said GOProud Executive Director Jimmy LaSalvia. “Now we see that almost a third of self-identified gay voters cast ballots for Republican candidates for Congress in this year’s midterm.”

In Europe, the trend of LGBT people voting with the right is driven by the Islamicists.  In this country, I suspect the economy is causing this.  The Tea Party, for all of the catcalls from the left, has put economic issues at the centre of the agenda as opposed to social ones, and that in turn reflects the state of the country.  It’s hard to maintain any kind of lifestyle when the economy is in the tank.

Now if we could just get civil marriage abolished…


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