How Is It Possible That Obama Can Get Away With Insulting the Voters?

He’s at it again, and it’s so bad that Newsweek takes exception to it:

But of course the basic argument is exactly the same. It’s vulgar economic determinism: When people are afraid for their economic livelihood they do foolish things, like clinging to their guns and God or, in this case, voting in opposition to Obama’s presidency. When they feel more secure, they’ll come around.

Even if there’s something to this world view—and I can’t shake it completely myself—it’s a deeply troubling sign if it dominates your thinking three weeks before a big election. Especially this election. Insulting voters is rarely a good way to win them over. But usually the “blame the customer” approach, as Mark Shields calls it, takes hold in the wake of an election defeat. Obama has broken new ground by moving it up to three weeks in advance of the vote.

The last line: ROFL.

The main reason why this blog is advertised as “the online perch of a real elitist snob” is because Barack Obama got away with the “guns and Bibles” remark.  That told me that Americans had reached the point where they didn’t have enough pride in themselves not to be condescended to, or at least enough Americans were at this point to put a snob like Obama in the White House.

Some of us got the message.  You want to be looked down at now?  This Palm Beacher can make it happen!  (Just ask the trade union I used to go head-to-head with…)  Barack Obama can be justifiably criticised for his attitude, but he’s at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, either because of it or in spite of it.

What we’re seeing is “Obama as anthropologist” again, an inheritance from his mother.  I went over that ground again last month. The real crunch time for him will come up in 2012, when he has to face the voters again and the Senate’s rotation coughs up an array of vulnerable Democrats.

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