Abu Daoud Writes the Pope

And let’s hope His Holiness gets around to reading it:

The first reform I suggest is regarding Holy Scripture. One of the most recurrent themes in conversion narratives of Muslims is the reading of the Bible. Yet how many hundreds of thousands of emigrants live throughout the West without access to the bible in their own language? What if parishes in areas with significant immigrant populations were told they had to have bibles available in those languages–perhaps Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, Pashto, Turkish, or something else? What if each sleepy Catholic parish became a de facto source of distribution of Scripture? I am not talking about proselytism, or even evangelism.

This is an excellent piece.  Frankly, having been in the Evangelical world as long as I have, I am shocked at some of the pastoral duff-sitting I’m seeing described in this letter, although experiences teaches me I shouldn’t be.  Hopefully it will have an impact, even if it doesn’t get past the papal staff.

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