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Burqas One Day, Shirtlessness the Next: The French Practice Égalité

The Fifth Republic forces its people to stay in the middle course:

Male tourists in France were being threatened with $48 fines for walking around without their shirts on, The Independent reported Monday.

Locals in seaside resort towns including Cannes and St. Tropez demanded the move after they were sick of seeing Brits and other tourists displaying their “hairy chests” in the streets, the newspaper said. Inland cities such as Perpignan, in the south of France, followed the move and introduced a dress code banning bare chests for the first time.

Women wearing bikini tops in the streets could also face the fine if they failed to cover up when asked to by cops, authorities said.

The tough laws came into force after locals were shocked by a group of British rugby fans who took off their shirts while watching a match.

Coming on the heels of outlawing the burqas, this shows that la République is trying to strike a balance.  Perhaps those who have lost use of their burqas could ship them to le Midi to help those who are that region’s descamisados.  (I’m sure the Peronistas would protest this, as going shirtless for them is a political statement.)

It’s noteworthy that the Brits are at the bottom of the problem.  They’ve gotten themselves into trouble in Dubai for unlawful conjugal relations (outside of marriage) and insufficient clothing as well.  If Dubai and France can be working in parallel like this, there has to be something to the situation.


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