Why is Right-Wing Campaign Food Better Than Left-Wing Campaign Food?

Ben Macintyre at the Times wants to know, and so do we:

On the Cameron plane in Scotland: prosciutto, mozzarella and peach salad, followed by rare roast lamb on a bed of lentils, with chocolate mousse for dessert. On the Brown bus, in Scotland: a bottle of Irn-Bru and a curly sandwich. George W. Bush served barbecued ribs to the press, whereas Al Gore provided, at most, a packet of M&M’s. Campaigning with Jacques Chirac was a sort of rolling banquet, with every stop involving a minimum of three courses. Lionel Jospin’s campaign served dry brie baguettes. Why is right-wing campaign food consistently better than left-wing campaign food?

If the left can’t deliver something basic as decent grub on their own, what makes you think they can run your country?

One Reply to “Why is Right-Wing Campaign Food Better Than Left-Wing Campaign Food?”

  1. A question as such is similar to a question raises whether my right arm is better than my left.

    The reason for the right-wing food is better than the left could be:

    a) the way that they make or handle the food;

    b) the special ingredients that they put in for right-wing food that are so special than the left;

    and many other reasons you can think of.

    The same is for governing the countries. Different countries adopt different ways of governing whether there are in terms of strtegical plans; the ways to deal with their own people so as to gain favour from the people; and etc.


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