Is the US Really Headed Down the Road of Nazi Germany?

Recently an “old China hand” friend of mine sent around an email with this piece about the analogies between our current situation and that of Nazi Germany in the 1930’s.  Leaving aside the attribution problems of the piece itself, I’d like to address this issue, because I keep hearing it come up in our discourse.

I’ve spent the last several years in extended pieces like this one and on this blog banging away at several themes:

  1. The US is a great and successful country when it follows its founding principles.
  2. Changes in the nature of our population and the way they think will make it impossible to continue adherence to these principles.
  3. Our élites want to transform us into another Europe (as I used to.)
  4. Our financial profligacy will make it impossible sooner or later (and I think sooner than later) for them to buy off enough of the population to make this stick.
  5. We as Christians need to decouple the expectations of our faith being fulfilled with the destiny of the nation, put God first and stick together.  We need to learn from our brothers and sisters in totalitarian places (past and present) about how to do this and succeed.  Some of those brothers and sisters will, in due time, rescue us, as they have the Anglicans in North America.

When I look at my statistics, I can only come to one conclusion: Americans are simply not prepared to alter their thinking.  If they did on a large scale, our current masters would wake up to a serious morale problem.  They rely on those who oppose them to keep things going as they always have, putting the extra effort forth even in the face of higher taxes, more regulations, more restrictions on personal freedom, etc.  At this point our government can more easily deal with the open rebels and renegades than it can with the uninspired (or at least those who are inspired by something or Someone other than them.)

Turning back to the original piece, if we are headed down an exact analogy to Nazi Germany, emigration is the only answer.   And indeed it may be the best alternative for some.  But anyone who is familiar with the dynamic of modern Germany (as documented in places such as Modris Eksteins’ The Rites of Spring) knows that our country is a different place from Germany to start with.  The end of true constitutional government can certainly happen here, and probably will, but the course–and the best response–will be different.

It’s going to be a rough ride.  That ride will be made rougher for Christians because they have wasted too much time hog-tying God’s favour with financial success, too much of which has been on borrowed money.   These times will demonstrate whether we really understand the meaning of the phrase “trust God” or not.

One Reply to “Is the US Really Headed Down the Road of Nazi Germany?”

  1. So many have been brainwashed by the Liberal agenda which is against Christian beleifs. Homosexuality, Abortion, divide and conquer, lies, and much more are the foundation of Obama. Of course he is a muslim and a racist. We are indeed on a Nazi Germany path. Did you see these OWS nuts. Obama is with these idiots. Need I say more.


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