From US to Europe, Without Leaving the Country

Nolan Finley at the Detroit News hits the nail on the head:

Passage of a national health care bill begins fulfilling the fantasy of the left of making over America into something resembling its refined and compassionate European cousins.

Throughout the health care battle, President Barack Obama asked, if European nations can deliver expansive universal health care to every citizen, why can’t the United States do the same. The president, an ardent Europhile, poses that question about everything from high-speed rail to cheap college tuition.

The answer is that we can — if we’re willing to live a European lifestyle.

Turning this country into another Europe has been the holy grail (think Monty Python) of American elitists as long as I’ve been on the earth and then some.  And I’ll be honest: there was a time in my own life when I thought this was the deal, too.  But some of us have come to discover what real diversity–and the consequence there-from–is.

Finley also points out a couple of other downsides that most elitists haven’t given much thought to.

The first is that level of tax cheating in Europe.  To some extent, this is a game between the people and their masters, and the latter know it, which is why they let it go to the extent they do.  Whether self-righteous American liberals will tolerate this here or simply swell our already excessive incarceration rate (something the left was supposed to fix a long time ago) remains to be seen.

The second is defence spending.  How does our government plan to ward off power challengers from Asia and the Middle East when they have to keep up a large portion of the population on the dole?  But liberals haven’t been thinking about that since Vietnam.

But they will…

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