Democrats, the Party of Cruelty?

Sure looks that way…

Some Republicans might not like that we are gay, and might not like that we support the Clintons, but no Republican has ever threatened our lives, libeled us, thrown rocks through our windows, punched us in the face, or sought to deprive us of employment opportunities and ruin our good names.  Leftists did all of those things, because we do not support “The One”, oh He of the Hope and the Change.

The most a Republican ever did was say, “I’m going to pray for you boys so the Lord straightens you out, and then you’ll get nice wives”.  Which, honestly, is kind of sweet, considering the source and knowing the intent was something along the lines of “I really like you guys and I believe you have been challenged and I am praying for you because I want you to have a happy life like I have so that you can be happy as I am the way I understand happiness”.

The Left, should you not agree with them, will pound you and hit you and beat you into the ground until you submit.  If you won’t ever buckle, they will just seek to destroy you, throwing every possible weapon they can dream up your way.

Kind of like they did (literally) to Hege Storhaug…

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