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Tony Perkins Gets the Boot From the National Prayer Luncheon

Disappointing but unsurprising:

Two days after President Obama’s State of the Union speech, in which he announced plans to repeal “Don’t ask, Don’t tell,” Perkins received a letter from the chaplain’s office at Andrews rescinding the invitation.

The letter cited Family Research Council statements calling them “incompatible in our role as military members who serve our elected officials and our commander in chief.”

The current main preoccupation of the military these days is to combat Islamic careerists in their quest for the expansion of the dar-al-salaam.  As a Vanderbilt University faculty member reminded us recently, homosexuality is punishable by death under Islamic law and the implementation of that law is a goal of same careerists.

The LGBT community has two choices: it can either allow the military (where Evangelicals are well represented) to protect them from their real enemies or it can demoralise large portions of the population to the point where they won’t bother to defend others’ right to exist.  To some extent, that’s what happened in the Roman Empire (in that case over taxation and the government’s suppression of groups such as the Donatists and Monophysites) in the years before Muhammad’s successors swept out of Arabia and conquered much of the civilised world.


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