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Wind Can Power 20% of Eastern U.S.. But Would They Let It?

Reuters assures us this is so:

Wind energy could generate 20 percent of the electricity needed by households and businesses in the eastern half of the United States by 2024, but it would require up to $90 billion in investment, according to a government report released on Wednesday.

For the 20 percent wind scenario to work, billions must be spent on installing wind towers on land and sea and about 22,000 miles of new high-tech power lines to carry the electricity to cities, according to the study from the Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

“Twenty percent wind is an ambitious goal,” said David Corbus, the project manager for the study. “We can bring more wind power online, but if we don’t have the proper infrastructure to move that power around, it’s like buying a hybrid car and leaving it in the garage,”

But the article itself alludes to the tricky part: would people allow the infrastructure, both the wind generators and power transmission lines, to be built?

And, more significantly from a political standpoint, would the “scientific left” get behind it?  If their behaviour from the 1960’s onward is any indication (remember nuclear power?  or the opposition to the Martha’s Vineyard wind generators?) they’ll fight it tooth and nail.  They’ll do it in spite of their commitment to global warming as an indisputable scientific fact.  And that’s a big reason why I don’t think that the left, for all of their “belief in evolution” can claim to be either scientific or rational.

To end things on a more upbeat note, let me present a few pictures from the wind generator farm near Palm Springs, CA, taken in 2004.


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