Mercy Chefs Update: Going to Haiti

This update from Mercy Chefs’ director Gary LeBlanc:

Last night as I called for prayer, Mercy Chefs was contacted by long-time relief partner Tim Wylie with Parakletos International to assist in Jacmel Haiti 40 miles south of Port Au Prince. The city was equally devastated but has received no assistance. Mercy Chefs is planning to open and staff a kitchen to feed victims and the coming tide of volunteers that will help to rebuild what they can. We will open and leave the kitchen at a school or orphanage so it will have lasting benefits to the people of Haiti. We will also start a bread bakery in town intended to be sustainable and operated by locals. We have the large equipment donation in place already! We need cargo transport and funding to proceed. We also need continued prayers and several doors to open for us to move forward.

Thank you for joining with us as we do our best to simply go and feed people.

Gary LeBlanc
a servant chef

For more information about Mercy Chefs click here.

Gary started his hospitality career as a bartender at the Monteleone Hotel in New Orleans’ French Quarter.  So this is, in a sense, an outreach from one part of old French North America to another.

The Haitians are in for a treat.

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