Episcopal Worship is Exclusive Worship

And, in case, you forget this, there’s a sign, like the one at the right, to remind you…

Photo taken at Ft. Monroe, Virginia.

Actually, the chapel was built by the Episcopalians, so I supposed they should have first dibs on the place.  Superior financial resources–both personal and ecclesiastical–has always been an advantage for the Episcopal Church, especially in the last few years when the attending membership has been too small (and not growing) to support the extraordinary physical plant of the church.  (If they keep wasting it on lawyers trying to keep it, they’re going to blow that, too.)

It’s also worked in the favour of seceding Anglican churches, too.  It’s a lot simpler, even if you lose your property, to get up and running again when you have at least some members with the ability to bankroll a new place to worship.

If you wonder about the rather high-handed attitude exhibited in this blog’s banner or here, you can ascribe at least part of that to the good old Episcopal Church.

There is something else wrong with this sign: the Episcopalians meet at 0730.  Since same Episcopalians have a long tradition of serious drinking, they doubtless have a struggle making that early hour.  They’d be better off letting the “General Protestants” go first and allow themselves the privilege of coming in at a more civilised hour.

And for those who can’t take a joke: yes, I’m perfectly aware that the Episcopalians, unlike other Protestants, worship liturgically.  Just look in the upper right hand corner of the blog.  (That, too, is potentially useful for hung-over Anglicans (because it follows the 1662 and 1928 BCP) who want to make a fast check on Sunday morning before they trudge off to church.)

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