Some Interesting (and Disturbing) Statistics about Vietnam Veterans

From this Weekly Update of the Church of God Chaplains Commission:

Army Chaplain (COL) Charles Howell, Command Chaplain at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, DC, works with a lot of old Vietnam vets. He recently sent us these interesting facts about the Vietnam War:

  • Of the almost three-million Americans who served in Vietnam, today, less than 850,000 are alive.
  • The youngest American Vietnam veteran’s age is 54 years old.

Consider these other facts:

  • Nine million military personnel served on active duty during the Vietnam era.
  • Of the three million who served in Vietnam, 1.2 million (40-60%) either fought in combat, or provided close support for our combat troops.
  • 58,202 died during this war.
  • 7, 484 women (83% of them nurses) served in Vietnam, and the peak troop strength in Vietnam was more than 500,000 (April 30, 1968).

Some other interesting facts are that the oldest soldier killed in Vietnam was 62 years old, 303,000 were wounded, 150,000 were injured but required no hospital care, 75,000 severely disabled, 23,000 disabled 100%, 5,000 lost limbs, and over 1,000 sustained multiple amputations. There were, during this era, 766 prisoners of war; with 114 of them dying in captivity.

If you are further interested in these facts, you may want to send a note to Chaplain Howell at:

One other interesting (if unrelated) item in the Update was as follows:

Army Chaplain (CPT) Ismael Serrano, currently deployed to Iraq, reports: “Continue to pray for our soldiers; many struggled emotionally during the holidays. One sailor in our region, who was a Muslim, committed his life to Christ and was baptized on the 12th of December. Since getting saved, he has read the entire Bible in less than two months. Also, I am glad to report that I was recently inducted into the honorable order of Saint Barbara, Baghdad, Iraq, on December 17th.”

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