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Ted Haggard’s Kumbaya Moment: His New Church

This is just awful:

Former New Life pastor Ted Haggard greeted warmly the more than 110 people who arrived for his Thursday evening prayer gathering at his home in north Colorado Springs.

“It’s a Kumbaya moment,” Haggard said. “People here tonight believe in resurrection and me. They understand love.”

Several people spoke of grace, forgiveness and redemption to explain why they came.

“Christians are to forgive, and I have forgiven Ted,” said the Rev. Alan Hawkins, who drove from Albuquerque to be at the gathering.

For those of us who have come out of liberal churches, a “Kumbaya” moment can only evince one reaction: “Oh, Lord!”

It amazes me that ministers somehow feel that they, unlike other professions, can simply pick up where they left off after a major failure and some dead time.  In many professions licensed by the state (medicine, law, engineering, etc.) if you lose your license due to malfeasance in your profession–or even a criminal conviction unrelated to it–you find another line of work.

From what I understand, Ted Haggard was doing pretty well selling insurance.  Selling financial products of any kind has become a hard way to make a living of late.  But he’ll find out that funding a substantial church isn’t a piece of cake these days, either.

If he does expand: one venue he won’t get is the chapel at the Air Force Academy, shown below.


If he gets some well-heeled donors, he could rent space at the Broadmoor.  This is the back of the main building, across that pond they have; the complex surrounds it.

Since Christmas is coming up, one can view the gingerbread village before and after the service.

The venue he really deserves: the top of Pike’s Peak.  Nearly three miles above sea level.  Looking out from the gift shop to the observation deck.


The reaction of his male prostitute to this news is interesting, too.


2 Replies to “Ted Haggard’s Kumbaya Moment: His New Church”

  1. Liberal used to mean tolerant. It is apparent that you are unaware of what has transpired with Ted Haggard in the last 3 years. You could probably have found out with very little effort. It is easy to scorn but it isn’t that hard to seek out the truth either. Give it a try.


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