Some Thoughts on Our Off-Year Voting

Just a few random thoughts on this:

  1. First, the crow to eat: I assumed that assaults on Bob McDonnell by the WaPo and other media would sink him in a serious contest, esp. in Northern Virginia.  They didn’t; that’s a testament to the quality campaign that he ran (which connected with VA voters) and the concerns of those voters (the economy.)   (That still doesn’t make him a viable candidate for President, but…)  Fortunately for Bob his opponent Creigh Deeds made the same mistake, and that leads me to…
  2. The Virginia race is proof that that “left wing blog” approach to campaigning (run an unremittingly negative, social-issue focused attack on your opponent) doesn’t work well, especially in economic hard times.  For all of the snide, elitist snob remarks, overall Barack Obama didn’t run that kind of campaign in 2008, but the left learned nothing from that exercise.   Add a Scotch-Irish son of the hills (usually a left-wing bête noire) like Deeds to that mix and you have a disaster, which is in fact what happened.
  3. New Jersey’s result shows that there are things in NJ that, in the end, cannot be bought, considering how much Corzine outspent Christie.
  4. Both of these races show that Obama now owns the present state of the economy and cannot continue blaming his predecessor with credibility.  The price of 2008 success is 2009 heartburn.
  5. Maine’s referendum rejection of same sex civil marriage shows that the quickest way to that goal is to suspend our Republic and get someone to rule by decree.  It also shows that it’s not as easy as it looks to get heterosexuals to go along with expanding civil marriage when they’re busy contracting it themselves, and that’s only going to get worse.
  6. And as for NY-23, they should have run a primary!

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