The Moonies are Still On the March

And they are looking ahead to a generational leadership transition, complete with Ivy Leaguers:

This month, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon went to Washington to introduce As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen, his autobiography that, according to the Moon-owned Washington Times, “recounts the joys and challenges, the teachable moments and the monumental experiences of his life – much of it spent as a spiritual leader”.

The newspaper reported that Moon received “congratulatory greetings” from Senator Joe Lieberman, former secretary of state Alexander Haig and former president George H W Bush, “hand-delivered by his son Neil Bush”.

The younger Bush, who has a long track record of working with Moon-sponsored organizations, told the audience of 1,300 that “Reverend Moon is presenting a very simple concept. We are all children of God.”

In January, Moon will turn 90, and while he’s alive and apparently well, he is deeply involved in charting his group’s future.

Last year, Moon named his Harvard-educated youngest son, the 30-year-old Hyung Jin Moon, as the president of the World Unification Church. Another son, Hyun Jin Moon, Moon’s oldest, is also in the mix. Whenever he dies, Moon’s death will nevertheless usher in a major period of adjustment.

It’s interesting to note that Neil Bush was the one that, during the 1988 presidential primary campaign, referred to Evangelical Christians as “cockroaches,” doubtless because they had the bad taste to support Pat Robertson against his father.  It’s one thing to attack evangelicals from the left; it’s quite another to do so as a supporter of Sun Myung Moon.

Old time soulwinners will remember going up against the Moonies.  Today they’re mostly forgotten in the church world.  But they are still out there, and still on the march.

One Reply to “The Moonies are Still On the March”

  1. Rev. Moon is someone whose own life story is now at odds with his own written testimony in his 1973 book “Divine Principle” where he states that the Messiah “will never come to die”; and leaven unaccomplished the mission of the Messiah as Jesus did”.

    It seems that Rev. Moon has decided that being a mortal messiah is no longer a contradiction in terms if he makes a family dynasty where his “name” will go on.

    However: since in my book “A City Not Forsaken” I point out that Rev. Moon is the prophetic figure from the Gospel of Jesus Christ known as “the faithful and wise steward”; whose life held the promise once of going from the position of “the Messenger” to that of “the Messiah”; but now has fallen to the position of “that evil servant” as the “Scarlet Beast” of the Yellow Race; as of “Red China”; the spirit of the Antichrist: Osama bin Laden; another gift to us from the East; like “that evil servant” Rev. Moon.

    The Day indeed dawns black over the Prophets.


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