Is It Possible? Press Conference 20 October on Anglican and Catholic Unity

More likely in a limited sense, with the Traditional Anglican Communion:

There will be a briefing tomorrow (20 October).  Featured is the topic of relations of the Holy See with “Anglicans”.

The main speakers will be the Prefect of the Congregation for Doctrine of the Faith, His Eminence Card. Levada and the fomer Sotto-Segretario of the same CDF, now Secretary of the Cong. for Divine Worship H.E. Augustine DiNoia, OP.

This all makes sense if…if… this is to announce that there will be a reunion of Traditional Anglicans with the Catholic Church.  This would be in the bailiwick of the CDF.   And Archbp. DiNoia would have been involved when he was at the CDF.

However, a group of Traditional Anglicans would also no doubt have the Anglican Use for their liturgy, and therefore having the English speaking Secretary who had been at the CDF, rather than the Spanish speaking Prefect of the CDW makes perfect sense.

So… I suspect this is about the reunion of the so-called Traditional Anglicans.

Speculation on the relationship between the Traditional Anglican Communion and Rome has been one of the premier parlour games in the Anglican and Catholic worlds.  There was a time when I was sceptical on this moving forward, but a new pontiff has new ideas, so we shall see.

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