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Créteil Bébel: Mosque League, Maybe?

We’re one step closer to “ignition” between the Muslim and homosexual communities:

Creteil Bébel is excluded

The amateur soccer team, primarily made up of Moslem players from the Paris region, was excluded from their league because they refused to play against a homosexual club, Paris Foot Gay. The Leisure Soccer Commission wrote:

“The Creteil Bebel team is excluded from the CFL for refusing a match for reasons of discrimination.

To fight against Islamization, we can count on the support of the gay lobby…

Many times, I feel that Christianity (and especially Evangelical Christianity) is caught between two very adamant forces: Islam and the homosexual movement.  But as both of these communities become more visible in the West, the potential for direct conflict between them grows also.

Muslims have already had a significant impact on the homosexuals in Europe. The Muslims have effectively “swept the streets” of Amsterdam (traditionally a wide open kind of city) of homosexuals and other people pursuing lifestyles not to the Muslims’ taste.  Today more homosexuals in the Netherlands vote to the right than ever before, something unheard of there (or here) until recently.  Yet the LGBT community continues to target conservative Christians as “the enemy” when they have other enemies more likely to “play for keeps.”

We all need to recognise that freedom is good for everyone, and work to keep it.  Evangelicals helped to bring it to this country before and after its founding.  But as long as identity politics and centralised power are the “name of the game” in our society, those who wield the biggest stick will win.  And, with 1.5 billion adherents, the Muslims wield a pretty big one when they put their minds to it.


3 Replies to “Créteil Bébel: Mosque League, Maybe?”

  1. I have browsed through the whole Quran and I have found no link between Quran and the Holy Bible except Jesus’ name and Mary are mentioned a little here and there.

    Muslim is not the continuation of the Old Testament since the Old Testament prophesied Jesus to be born in Bethlehem and yet Muslims deny it. The extracted verse is as follows:

    Isaiah 9:6, “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. ”

    I would not go deeper to argue with this verse to avoid any argument. Bear in mind that we, Christians, have to be the good examples to the world.

    The rapid growth of Muslims have been resulted. The only remedy is to prevent muslims to continue to fight with non-muslims especially Christians, our brothers- and our sisters-in-Christ by correcting their minds through the use of their Quran so that they would have the right minds to do righteously.

    We, Christians, have to be the peace-makers instead of evil-doers to cause them to repent. Even though we could not convince muslims to be Christianity, yet we could, at least, show muslims that Christians are not bad.

    If we, Christians, would respect muslims and in turn, vice versa, this world would be in peace.


  2. I have indeed browsed though the Quran, nothing is mentioned in the Quran that Homosexuality is bad and it only could be found in the Old Testament as well as New Testament.

    Quran does mention to have faith in Toran and that ocvers the Old Testament. Should we use the Old Testament in the Holy Bible to convince them that it is wrong to do it? However, questionaire is raised that there is a doubt that there would accept the Old Testament in the Holy Bible.

    The only word can be stopped them from the continuation of homosexuality is through the use of he word, evil-doers, as mentioned in Quran. This is due to the word, evil-doer, covers a broad definition. There is also a doubt that would those muslim homosexual practitioner treats homosexuality as evil.

    All these issues have to be brought out for public discussion.


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