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The “Dementia” of Francis Collins. Or Is It Someone Else?

New York Times reporter Gardiner Harris needs to think some things through:

In contrast to the majority of scientists whose wondrous discoveries seem to inspire humility, today’s advocates of scientism can be every bit as dogmatic as the William Jennings Bryans of yesteryear. We saw an example a week ago, when the New York Times reported that many scientists view “outspoken religious commitment as a sign of mild dementia.”

The reporter was Gardiner Harris, and the object of his snark was Francis Collins—the new director of the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Collins is perhaps best noted for his leadership on the Human Genome Project, an effort to map the genetic makeup of man. But he is also well known for his unapologetic talk about his Christian faith and how he came to it.

Harris and other New Atheists (well, he certainly carried on like one, in this case) need to understand the real meaning of their own idea.

In a world where there is only material reality, only material results matter.  Francis Collins lead the Human Genome Project, an epic accomplishment in its own right.  If this is a desirable result, then the scientific output is what’s important.  And that, for a true materialist, is all that should be of import.

What this evidences is that secularists aren’t as sure of their own “closed universe” as they’d like to have you to believe, thus the pot shots at those who disagree with them.


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