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Family of God: Honor, Wisdom, Glory and Praise

Honor, Wisdom, Glory and Praise (FG-1001) was the first (and possibly the only) album of the Family of God Christian Community in Fort Worth, Texas. The community described itself as a “charismatic, ecumenical fellowship in Fort Worth, Texas. Our membership is ecumenical, though largely Catholic.” The album was produced in 1981.The music is very much in line with Catholic charismatic music of the era, with the emphasis on acoustical guitars, light vocals and very light percussion. But, as the credits indicate, there is a variety of instrumentation to keep things interesting. The community drew broadly from its membership to produce this album. All of the compositions are original.
  • Singers
    • Jim Boehm
    • Marlo Crowley
    • Gary Geurtz
    • Jeff Hensley
    • Susan Hensley
    • Dorthy Hutcheson
    • Mary Kouba
    • Betsie Pendarvis
    • John Pendarvis
    • Teresa Pewitt
    • Theresa Ridenour
    • Mary Schad
    • Bob Sobey
    • Celeste Ste. Marie
    • Don Ste. Marie
    • Phil Ste. Marie
    • Paul Terry
    • Tony Voulo
    • Simon Wrzesinski
  • Instrumentalists:
    • Guitars: John Pendarvis, Don Ste. Marie, Mike Maulsby, Jim Boehm, Andrew Wulf
    • Bass: Andrew Wulf
    • Keyboards: Dorthy Hutcheson, Betsie Pendarvis, Andrew Wulf
    • Flutes: Teresa Pewitt, Bettsie Pendarvis
    • Trumpet: John Pendarvis
    • Accordion: Phil Ste. Marie
    • Mandolin: Andrew Wulf
    • Percussion: Gary Geurtz, Betsie Pendarvis, Dorothy Hutcheson, John Pendarvis, Paul Terry
  • Producer: John Pendarvis
  • Arrangements: Betsie Pendarvis, Andrew Wulf, Dorothy Hutcheson
  • Choral Direction: Teresa Pewitt
  • Cover Design: Mary Ann Bridges, Jeff Hensley
  • Photography: Leon Dodd
  • Engineer: James McAlister
  • Recorded at Prism Studios, Arlington, Texas

The songs:

  • Praise the Lord in His Holy Dwelling
  • But As For Me
  • Wind Song
  • Unless the Lord
  • I Go to Prepare a Place for You
  • Do Not Lose Hope
  • Wherever Your Spirit Leads
  • Honor, Wisdom, Glory and Praise
  • Christmas Song
  • Were You There
  • Take My Life
  • Do Ye Like the Birds
  • Jesus, You Are My Victory

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