The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Concept of Hell, and a Note on Women Bishops

I’m surprised he even has one, but…

When asked if hell exists and what it is like, he said: “My concept of hell, I suppose, is being stuck with myself for ever and with no way out.

“Whether anybody ever gets to that point I have no idea. But that it’s possible to be stuck with my selfish little ego for all eternity, that’s what I would regard as hell.”

There are many in TEC who are guffawing at anyone who believes in hell or even eternal existence.  I’m not really positive if KJS believes in any afterlife, let alone heaven or hell.

The key problem with hell is not who you’re stuck with but who you’re stuck without, i.e., God.

The key problem with Rowan Williams is that many in the Anglican Communion are beginning to realise that hell is being stuck with him as ABC.

As for women bishops, a favourite topic of his and mine:

Asked why the Church of England is still struggling to admit women bishops long after Britain had its first female Prime Minister, he said: “The Church has got to solve this on its own terms and yes that does take longer and it can be embarrassing sometimes.

“You look at society and you realise people don’t fully understand why the church is taking so long, and what the terms are in which the church is trying to sort it out.”

If TEC, for example, would get around to ordaining a bishop on the order and thinking of Margaret Thatcher, it would have gone a long way to fixing this problem.  But (with the possible exception of Geralyn Wolf) TEC has produced a procession of flaming liberals for its women bishops, either belligerent (like Barbara Harris and Katharine Jefferts Schori) or sappy.

And that, BTW, is a “shot across the bow” for my COG friends who support women in ministry.  You want to use Deborah as a role model?  Support one for the job when the time comes.

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