To Leave TEC, or Not to Leave TEC: That Is the Question StandFirm Doesn’t Want in its Threads

Sarah Hey lays the law down:

Everyone who has been commenting any length of time here is well aware that we don’t allow comments exhorting people to leave TEC or stay in TEC, nor do we allow comments castigating either decision…

But for ourselves, we are so determined to have a blog with a larger message and a varied and, shall we say, somewhat larger audience, that we will begin immediately banning without warning those who violate this well-known and long-standing commenting policy.

Valiant in reporting the vagaries of the Anglican/Episcopal world, Sarah Hey is enigmatic to the point where, on one thread, the commenters traded back and forth speculations as to why she wouldn’t join an Anglican church in the event she herself left TEC.  I’m sure she found our guessing game amusing, to say the least.

As a practical matter, telling people they need to leave their church is, in most cases, counterproductive.  People join various churches for various reasons.  As with most churches, there has been a wide variation in the degree of orthodoxy on a local level that has allowed conservative Christian people to remain in TEC.  It’s better to set forth the truth, convince people of same and let them decide for themselves (or better ask God for his direction) whether they’re in the wrong church or not.  That’s the advice I give my Evangelical counterparts concerning Roman Catholics, and it applies as well to TEC or any other Main Line church.

But any reasserter in TEC needs to know one thing: your church does not love you any more.  They’ve proven that in spades, especially the last triennium.  And that hurts.

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