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Cominsky Field? Maybe Barack Obama Would Rather Have Alinsky Field? And Then There’s Engels Stadium…

Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh…

“I do think that there’s a different quality to what used to be Cominskey Field vs. Wrigley,” President Obama told Bob Costas during an interview that aired during Tuesday night’s MLB All-Star Game.

Or so Chairman Barack opines.  In communist countries, it was common to change place names for radical heroes.  So we morph, from “Comiskey” to “Cominsky” to his community organising hero “Alinsky Field.”

Here in Chattanooga, TN, where I live, we have “Engel Stadium,” named after Joe Engel, the famous baseball promoter.  If the transition is complete, it would take even less to rename the place “Engels Stadium,” after the co-author of The Communist Manifesto.

The slippery slope to socialism gets slipperier all the time.  Next thing–and I saw this in the Soviet Union–we’ll have propaganda posters in dry cleaning establishments.

Better dry cleaning through communism?


5 Replies to “Cominsky Field? Maybe Barack Obama Would Rather Have Alinsky Field? And Then There’s Engels Stadium…”

    1. You are right, I did the morphing. But I did not lie. I was having a little fun, but these days I have a very thin-skinned audience.

      And speaking of thin skinned audiences, after the left’s outrage over the Burger King/Tim Horton merger, perhaps we should rename your country as the “Cayman Continent.” Never thought you lived in a tax shelter, eh?


      1. Don,

        Like Warren Buffett, I doubt that there’s much to the tax argument — and almost nobody I’ve seen in Canada is concerned about this. After all Timmy’s has been American before: it belonged to Wendy’s for a while, but apparently the honeymoon between Dave of Wendy’s and Ron of Timmy’s turned very ugly very quickly.

        I went to school with Tim Horton, while he was still a very competent hockey player, a nice guy, and perfectly sensible in an economics seminar. I guess he got into the alcohol and cocaine that killed him later. Sad case.

        On Cayman Continent, another of my classmates, now the Dean of the School of Medicine at University of Ottawa, is the son of the man who developed Freeport, Grand Bahama. (I first met Pierre Trudeau in their living room, while he was still a university professor just thinking about politics — and I noted that Mayer Lansky’s biography was in place on their shelves…)

        Post-colonialism may have scuttled it, I don’t know, but for a few decades back there it was in fact a free port — and the first two landholders there, while the town was still just stakes and string on the sand, were IBM and US Steel.

        Meself I’d like to see Turks and Caicos as our next Province or Territory. ‘Course socialist Vermont, America’s best educated and second healthiest State, is always welcome, too. Ah, the things we have learned from your 1776~89 Articles of Confederation!




      2. Given Wallace Groves’ association with Meyer Lansky (I remember hearing all of that growing up) I’m not surprised his biography graced his shelves. Should have been a signed copy by the subject.


      3. Don,

        Yup. My thought exactly…

        In somewhat the same vein the Canadian Malcolm Gladwell has found my friend the late Francis A.J. Ianni in this week’s New Yorker.




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