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D025: The Tragedy and the Gift

The Episcopal Church House of Bishop’s passage of Resolution D025–affirming gay and lesbian people in all parts of the life of the church, including all levels of ministry–is both a tragedy and a gift, depending on how you look at it.

As it represents the final repudiation of the Christian sexual ethic, it’s a tragedy.  But it’s one that’s been a long time coming.

As it brings clarity to the situation, it’s a gift.  TEC has obfuscated and fudged on this issue for years, even though the sense of much of the church has been obvious.  It’s been frustrating to reappraiser and reasserter alike.

And, from a purely political standpoint, it’s a gift to the newly formed ACNA.  For the remnant in TEC who doesn’t agree with this idea, it sends a definitive signal, and ACNA parishes will be the beneficiaries of this.  It vindicates the whole GAFCON organisation and process.

Finally, it will force Rowan Williams and the Church of England to “fish or cut bait” on this issue, and also of communion with ACNA, which is rumbling through the synod process.  It will be interesting to see whether this will come to pass, and if the government opts to cut it off at the pass.


2 Replies to “D025: The Tragedy and the Gift”

  1. I’d not waste much time in initiating this process. However, considering the legend you have become, I’d think that Anglican provinces would be competing for your membership.


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