I deeply appreciate your patience! Miguel Alvarez Talks About His Passion for Honduras

I don’t think an apology is in order.  Miguel Alvarez’ (Administrative Bishop for the Northeast Hispanic Region of the Church of God) knowledge and passion for this subject has enlightened this blog.  From Facebook:


First of all, please accept my apology, for using this channel to express my passionate opinion in favor of democracy and freedom in Honduras.

I’ve just happened to be there before, during and after the removal of the former president. During those days I traveled deep in the country, over 500 kms, visiting with my parents, relatives and friends. At that very time, I was able to observe, read, hear and analyzed what was actually taking place there.

I was also amazed at the incredible manipulation of the information by the international media. Hence, the immediate condemnation of the international political leaders was very irresponsible. They did not know the facts and acted irresponsibly with their positions and statements. I pray that they will not have to regret this in the future, if things continue to worsen. First of all, no country, group or individual should be condemned without giving them the opportunity to defend or explain themselves. The world was so blindly outrageous by what they heard that did not think on all of these.

Moreover, in every poll that I have seen an average of 77% of the people of Honduras supports the succession of government. But how would the so-called international community handle this? At that point, I realize it would have to be individuals, perhaps like me, who might understand what was actually happening there, who will have to take a stand and go out to speak and spread the truth. But in order to accomplish this purpose I had to start using my own network. That would help me to show the facts and contradict the international press and diplomacy. That’s one of the reasons my friends in Facebook have been bombarded with information out of my wall posts.

These are some of the facts that I have been defending:

  • Honduras has been condemned without given the new government an opportunity to explain or defend its position. The OAS acted brutally against Honduras.
  • This was not a coup. It was a constitutional action as stated in the Constitution of Honduras. Everything was done according to the law of the land.
  • The man behind the propaganda, with all of its lies and the manipulation is Hugo Chavez, the ruler of Venezuela.
  • The international media sided with Chavez propaganda.
  • The OAS sided with Chavez.
  • The UN Secretary General, always an enemy of Honduras, since the Sandinista days, sided with Chavez
  • If Zelaya is forced back to power he would create chaos, destruction and death in a country where he is not welcome. People of Honduras do not want him back.
  • Zelaya did violate the constitution of Honduras. His removal from power was according to the constitution of Honduras. The procedure was different than those of other countries, but that is the law of the land. Zelaya affirmed he was going to respect and abide by it when he was sworn as president.

I am a minister, a person of principles, and I saw this injustice happening. I also saw that some of my friends and colleagues were being deceived by the power of the media and its propaganda against the new government. I just could not stay in silence. I know, first hand, the political struggle of Honduras. This has nothing to do with the poor, the disenfranchised or the weak. These are only being used in the struggle of ambitious men who want to extend their political control over this nation.

This is not a matter of being conservative or liberal. Do not tag me so quickly. I know where I stand in politics. This time I am speaking for the truth and denouncing injustice.

I also understand that there will be other intellectual views on this, and I respect them. However, this time I am compelled to speak for those who have not had an opportunity to be heard. A trial must take place before convicting.

Again, please accept my apologies for the intensity of my passion in the case of Honduras. I am open to dialogue. Thank you, so very much!


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